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Academy Awards 2019

Academy Awards 2019

In January 2020, funding and arranging an inaugural Academy Awards event (for the 2019 season), held at Bonar Hall, hosted by Brian Taylor of BBC Scotland and attended by Mark and Scott Ogren and many famous past United players.

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Additional Games 2020

Additional Games 2020

Committed funding of over £20,000 for an extensive ‘Additional Games Programme’ for season 2020 to allow Academy teams at all stages to participate in high-level football tournaments across the UK and in Europe.  This would provide the challenge to perform and compete at higher levels against the foremost teams, as well as giving Academy players excellent personal development experiences.

Additional Games Programme

Some of the Academy's prospective opponents in 2020...


Additional Games Programme

Academy Post

Academy Post Funding

We funded the salary for 18 months of the new post of Head of Academy Sports Science and Medicine, bringing specialist expertise to support the health, fitness  and well-being of Academy players and providing an essential element of the requirements for the Academy to achieve Performance Progressive status in the new SFA Club Academy Scotland structure (known as Project Brave). In October 2019 the Club took over the funding of this post as part of a wider enhancement of the Academy staffing structure and the Academy went on to achieve Elite status from January 2020.

New Equipment

New Maintenance Equipment

Funding in early 2019 of condition testing, cleaning and maintenance equipment for the playing surface at Gussie Park, providing the best possible conditions for the Academy teams.

Additional Games 2019

Additional Games

Provision in May 2019 of a budget of £6,000 to provide an ‘Additional Games Programme’ for Academy teams, allowing them access to tournaments both within and outwith Scotland involving high quality opposition to challenge their footballing development.

Supercup N.I.

Supercup NI

Funding of approx £3,500 for the participation of Academy teams in the SupercupNI in July 2019, a week-long high calibre tournament in Northern Ireland.

Staff Training

Staff Training

In late 2019, funding of £7,500 to allow attendance of some of the Academy coaches at award-bearing specialist training courses to enhance their skills and qualifications, thereby improving what is delivered to Academy teams.

Oakham 2017

Oakham Tournament Squad 2017

Funding for participation in a prestigious tournament in 2017 at Oakham in England against English Premiership teams.

New Goal Frames

New Goal Frames

Purchase of new development goal frames for Gussie Park and of new set of footballs for training.

Academy Kit

Academy Match Day Kit

Funding and sponsorship of full match day kit for all Academy teams for seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19.

Oakham 2018

Oakham Tournament Squad 2018

Funding the attendance again of an Academy team at the Oakham tournament in August 2018, with the team emerging as tournament winners, defeating teams with the pedigree of Stoke City and Chelsea.