The DUDA Story
For many, many years, DUDA has been responsible for operating the United Lottery and the 50/50 Half-Time Draw with the clear purpose of using the money raised to support Youth Development at Dundee United. This was to assist the Club to continue its track record of developing talented young players to become stars on the pitch for United.
In 2017, DUDA took the initiative to broaden the sources for this support by joining forces with other fans’ groups (ArabTRUST, Dundee United Business Club, and later ULT83) to form the Dundee United Youth Development Board (DUYDB).
The Board combines the funds raised and contributed by these groups and then works closely with the Club and the main Academy staff to identify projects, resources and activities which the Board can then support with funding. All the groups contribute substantial funds although DUDA is able to be the major contributor from its two principal fund-raising activities. However, we are always looking to do more!
From the point of the Board’s establishment in May 2017, well over £100,000 has been provided to support the Academy, particularly during the process to meet the criteria for the SFA’s Performance Progressive status which paved the way for the Club to elevate its Academy to Elite status within the Association’s new Project Brave structure.
The importance of that support is evident from the list of the main items of funding set out here (link to recent support page) and has added to the Academy attracting the most promising young players and giving them quality training and development experiences. It has also been critical in sustaining Academy provision through some very challenging financial times for the Club (the Championship years – now gone!)
The Board’s aims are clear: to seek to increase its sources of funds through identifying new or improved fund-raising opportunities; to augment and enhance the Academy provision so that United is in the best possible position to attract the most promising young players for the future, and, in so doing, help to ‘close the gap’ between United’s provision and that of the larger and wealthier clubs in Scotland, and to see all of that yield a dividend on the pitch!
Key Personnel

Natalie Hart - Lottery Administrator


Lottery Administrator, based in Tannadice Park, and responsible for the principal tasks associated with management of the Lottery draw, including collections from Lottery agents.  She can be contacted at


Caroline Clark - 50/50 Draw Administrator


50/50 Draw Administrator, responsible for the principal tasks associated with the management of the Elite 50/50 Matchday Draw, including at home games with stadium ticket sellers. She can be contacted at

Colin Stewart - Chair of the DUDA Board


Eric Baillie - Secretary to the DUDA Board