Elite 50-50 Matchday Draw Terms and Conditions

For information:  DUDA is registered with Dundee City Council under the Gambling Act 2005 to operate small society lotteries.


1.   Only persons aged 16 years or over and residents in Great Britain are eligible to purchase tickets in any draw operated by DUDA.  In purchasing a ticket, agreement to participate in appropriate publicity is implied.


2.   Tickets for each Draw, normally priced at £2 per ticket,  can be purchased online at www.unitedlottery.co.uk  and also from sellers in the stadium when the Draw is taking place on the occasion of a Dundee United home game.


3.   Under the relevant financial regulations, purchases for gambling purposes (including for lotteries and draws of the type offered here) are not permissible by credit card.


4.   The date for each Draw will be advertised in advance at www.unitedlottery.co.uk


5.  The time at which each draw takes place will normally be at half-time of a match taking place  on the advertised date.


6.   The prize amounts (normally a 1st and 2nd prize) for each Draw will be determined from a 50% share of the net sales for that Draw.  DUDA shall retain the other 50% share of net sales to be donated to support youth development within Our Academy at Dundee United and at the Girls Academy under the auspices of DUCT.


7.  Draws will normally be held at each Dundee United home game.  For such Draws the online entries will be combined with entries from sales in the stadium, and the Draw will be made manually in the stadium using a conventional drum system.  On occasion there may be a Draw which will be exclusively for online entries (e.g. for a selected Dundee United away game). Such Draws will be clearly advertised in advance as ‘online only’.   On such occasions the Draw will be made using a computerised random number system to select winning numbers from the tickets sold online for that Draw.


8.    Results will be posted on www.unitedlottery.co.uk immediately following the Draw, listing winning numbers and prize amounts.


9.   Winners from online entries will be notified directly.  Winners in the stadium will be notified by a stadium announcement and on DUDA boards within the stadium.


10.   Prizes won by online entries will be issued to winners within 7 days of the date of the Draw, either by cheque via post or by bank transfer, by arrangement.  Prizes won by stadium entries will be available (by cheque) at the stadium Reception at the conclusion of the game or thereafter at the Club Ticket Centre in Tannadice Street. (Please note that for winners from stadium entries, prizes not claimed within 30 days of the Draw will be forfeit and will be paid to the beneficiary, DUDA, for the support of youth development at DUFC.)