The general situation with the Covid-19 pandemic has clearly shown some improvement since the very difficult times from March onwards when the lock-down restrictions caused DUDA to suspend all weekly agent Lottery collections. (Crucially however, payments by standing order, payments through our online system and payments by cheque for multi-week arrangements, were able to continue as normal, and do so now.) 


More recently, the re-opening of some workplaces and of hospitality venues has allowed some recovery in the numbers of those being able to enter the Lottery and we are grateful for the loyalty shown by fans returning to the Lottery.  That said, Lottery entry numbers still have a considerable way to go to reach previous levels and as fans will know only too well the Covid-19 situation remains uncertain and concerning.


The pandemic circumstances and its effects had very regrettably required DUDA to reduce the Lottery prize structure, as follows:

  • for obvious practical reasons related to availability, the prizes of two SPFL match tickets and of Club hospitality were withdrawn;
  • the weekly cash prizes were limited to one of £100 and two of £25;
  • the jackpot prize, if not won, would roll over and increase as normal by £250 each week until it reached £2000, at which point it would be capped and remain at that level until won.


As a result of some improvement in the Lottery position and in acknowledgement of the loyalty and patience of Lottery members, DUDA has decided to add a further two weekly prizes of £25 to the list above, with effect from Friday 2 October.  It is necessary meantime for the other restrictions to remain in place although DUDA continues to seek opportunities for occasional bonus prizes of interest and value to United fans (e.g. the recent United shirts).


We very much hope that Lottery members will understand that all of this is driven by current affordability and that your loyalty to the Lottery in these reduced circumstances is very much appreciated.  We will continue to keep these matters under review.  Naturally our hope is to be able to return fully to ‘business as usual’ as soon as possible, although that will depend in part on the situation we have all been experiencing being overcome and normality resuming, and in part on restoring the number of members participating.


To assist the situation, DUDA will be making extra efforts to attract new and returning members to the Lottery – at   We would be really pleased to have your assistance in that by recommending it to family, friends and workmates.  (It’s still a good deal at £1 per week !)


Meantime, please continue to do what is required to stay safe, and we can hopefully see better times return, both on and off the pitch.


P.S.  On the new DUDA website please take the time to see the support that DUDA has helped to provide to the United Academy over recent years – only achievable with the assistance of your contributions via the Lottery.  Thanks again.